Medical autoclave sterilizers

As a global leader in sterilization and infection control, Tuttnauer provides autoclaves that satisfy the needs of any hospital operating room, central sterile services department or medical clinic.

Tuttnauer’s hospital autoclaves, washers and plasma sterilizers are trusted by CSSDs around the globe. Customized solutions include unique chamber sizes and advanced sterilization cycles.

T-Max Narrow Autoclaves

44 and 55 Sterilizer Series

Low Temp Plasma Sterilizer

Tiva 8 Undercounter Washer Disinfector

Tiva 15-V Washer Disinfector

Tiva 1000 Washer Disinfector

Dental autoclaves and washers

Safe, robust and reliable, Tuttnauer’s tabletop autoclaves and compact washer-disinfectors are trusted by dental clinics and smaller private practices all over the world. Dental tabletop autoclaves for dental clinics and private practices that need a reliable and economic solution for sterilizing small and specialized loads.

Elara 11i - Class B Autoclave

D-Line EA and EKA - Class S Autoclaves

2540MKA - Semi-Automatic Autoclave

Lava 50 Dental - Washer Disinfector

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Water Distiller

Laboratory autoclaves

Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance, Tuttnauer’s advanced laboratory sterilizers are trusted by life science labs and research institutes throughout the world.

Tuttnauer provides cGMP-compliant autoclaves with advanced cycles and features designed to satisfy the sterilization needs of microbiology, biopharma, food, chemical and life science laboratories.

69 Laboratory Autoclave

ELV - D Line


Bulk BSL Sterilizer Series

Bulk Steam Laboratory Autoclave

Tiva 500 - Washer Disinfector

Animal care autoclaves

Tuttnauer provides animal care facilities with sterilizers designed to ensure the validity and reproducibility of research data by preventing cross-transmission and exposure to microbial agents.

Life Science autoclaves address sterilization requirements for laboratory research equipment used with animals. Proper sterilization prevents cross-transmission, exposure to microorganisms in excrement and biological fluids, and pheromones from one research subject to another.

44 & 55 Animal Care Autoclaves

66 Animal Care Autoclave

66 Animal Care Autoclave

69 Animal Care Autoclave

69 Animal Care Autoclave

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