Stationary Test Equipment

Single- and three-phase, standardized and individual test systems are covering all legal metrological test requirements for simple meters, high precision multifunction meters, smart meters and reference standards. Flexible and modular system components for the optimal customer orientated solution.

Multi Position Test Systems

PTS 400.3 PLUS-2

Automatic Test Systems

SRS 400.3 / 200 A

PRS 600.3

SWS 1.3

SPE System

SQE 120.3


Portable Test Equipment

Single- and three-phase portable test devices over the complete range of accuracy classes used for on-site testing or in laboratories. Light in weight and with user friendly keyboard layouts and menu-driven software, the devices are easy to operate and your solid partner for on-site testing of different kind of meters.

CheckMeter 2.3 genX


CheckMeter 2.3 (with printer)

PTS 400.3

PPS 400.3

CheckSource 2.3

PTS 3.3 C

PTS 2.3 C

CheckSystem 2.1 S

Transformer Monitoring

MTE offers a broad range of products and solutions for the online gas-in-oil monitoring of transformers (online DGA). With its individual and modular system components MTE provides the optimal customer oriented solution for utilities, industries and transformer manufacturers.

Analysis of the gases dissolved in power transformer oil is recognized as the most useful tool for early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults in transformers. The cost effectiveness of online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and control systems are gaining importance worldwide.




HYDROCAL 1003 Offshore


HYDROCAL 1009 Offshore

HYDROCAL 1004 genX


Bushing Monitor ZVCM 1001


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