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Electrotechnical &
Advanced Measurements Instrumentation

Electricity Meter Testing and Monitoring

MTE‘s products renowned for their innovation, high quality, reliability, accuracy and functionality.

High Voltage Cable Fault Location

The BAUR testing and measurement technology prevents damage to networks and systems, allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance

Safe and reliable generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

OMICRON serves the electrical power industry with innovative products and services for testing, diagnostics and monitoring of assets worldwide. 

Rapid Test Kits for Food and Feed Analysis

The leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis

Engineering and Measuring Equipment
For Construction and Education

Materials Testing Equipment, covering Soils, Concrete, Asphalt, Bitumen, Cement, Steel, Rock, Aggregates and general laboratory equipment.

Shanghai Yilian Control Temperature Apparatus Factory

Hygrometer, thermometers, different kinds of hydrometer, digital/plastic densitometer, medical instruments, experimental instruments, glass instruments, and meters.

Solutions for Water Quality Analysis

A wide range of water testing products that benefit many individuals.

SPECINST provide Technical Support Services, and Factory Training for all the test instruments and equipment purchased either from us and or sourced direct from our overseas partners. Our most priority is to assist our clients with solutions packaged to meet their satisfactory demands.

Our skilled team have worked extensively in Electrotechnical and Analytical Laboratories worldwide. With our rich experience in the testing of products, we ensure that manufactured products and services we deal in meet both local and international quality standards. ISO/IEC/IEEE/ASTM/EN etc.

Whatever your needs in our specialties, wherever you may be, SPECINST have the capacity to handle them efficiently. We are committed to total quality services.